Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Death Valley

I recently got to take a trip to Death Valley. When I left I knew there would be weather but nothing like I experienced. Upon entering the park we were greeted by a low lying fog that hid our initial view of the park from the West entrance. As we descended into the first valley I realized this was not fog, but we were driving in the clouds. Upon talking with a ranger we got to see a semi rare thing Rain in Death Valley a lot of it. Enough that there were washouts on the road and rock slides on the passes.
One rock slide crossed the road blowing out a jeeps tires in front of us. Our small Jetta made it through with out incident even though it bottomed out. I took a few snapshots while I was there and wanted to share them. Oh, and we missed the wild flowers by a week or two. The rangers were saying that this will be one of the best years in the last 60 years. Due to all the late rain fall.

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